My name is Sander

Strategy Designer

- Passionate about: Orchestrating purpose-led shared value creation transformations
- Is in the game to: Unlock human creativity and co-creation to setting the new standards.
- Motto: “This world is but a canvas to our imagination.”


Sander has “life-long” experience of change, having lived and worked in three countries and continuously challenging the status quo.

Sander started his career in 2016 as organisational development (OD) consultant in South Africa. During his tenure he founded a social enterprise to bridge the gap for People with Disabilities (PwD's) and Employers through Market-Linked Training and Development Programmes.

After his MSc. Innovation Management, Sander worked 1.5 years for Deloitte as Transformation Consultant on Strategic Portfolio Management, Finance Digitisation, Sustainability Strategy and Agile Transformations in a variety of industries.

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