Let's build together!


This is how we empower you to stay future proof
Looking for ways to better deal with the dynamics of this ever changing world? Future Proof can help through masterclasses and events
  • Key notes
  • Team sessions
  • Company sessions
  • Workshops
  • Masterclasses

Become future proof

Future Proof empowers you to translate opportunities into concrete business results
  • Strategic visioning
  • Customer discovery
  • Future value proposition design
  • Business model design
  • Validation

Stay future proof

Want to make your organization future proof? Future Proof empowers you to transform
  • Brand positioning & branding
  • Customer engagement strategy
  • KPI & target setting
  • New competences analysis
  • Partner strategy and partnership models
  • New ways of working

Driven to shape a world of better value creation.

We combine design thinking and lean start-up approach. We always work visual and in co-creation.
  • A proven and structured approach: to ensure fast results
  • Pressure cooker: to ensure speed and minimize the impact on your team
  • Design thinking: always starting from an external perspective
  • Storytelling: to ensure everybody can help realizing the ambition set.


Five step approach

Define purpose
We co-create a clear and inspiring reason to exist, based on a shared view on the future.
We explore customer needs, future possibilities and the future value within your current business model.
We design future ways of value creation. Based on the ambition and insights gained.
We'll set up experiments. Lean and focused on fast learning. Build, measure learn.
Implement & scale
We design the strategy to implement the new business model and scale your business.

Start designing the future?